NextG – 3G Biquad Antenna for Telstra 850mHZ

I built a Biquad based on the dimensions of the article featured below, and indeed I can get 4 – 5 bars strength from a base station over a hill and 8 km away.
I found this article somewhere on the internet:



Some photos of my Bi-Quad:

A friend who works with metal cut this sheet to size for me.


I cut a spare 3g modeDSC_0076m antenna in half. Careful not to break the thin shielded wire inside. 

I then soldered the wire and the shielding to the respective sides of the BiQuad.

– Securing the soldering with a blob of  expoxy resin on top, and then screwed the antenna into low loss cable.


And Pesto: plug unto a 3G modem ,  job done!